Second Best Is Not an Option

We specialize in auto care and computer diagnostics

When your car is acting up, you need an expert to take a look and find out what's going on. By bringing your car to Car Whisperers, you can feel confident we'll handle every problem with precision.

We'll inspect your entire car, including all the separate systems, to find the root of the issue. If it's an easy fix, we'll get right on it. If your vehicle needs a more in-depth solution, one of our team members will help you make an appointment.

You shouldn't get in a car that's not safe. Trust our team to get your car back in working order. Contact us right now if you need to schedule a diagnostic appointment.

We offer comprehensive car repair services

You can depend on our team because we're committed to customer satisfaction. We know exactly how to take care of any issue on any vehicle. You should choose us when you need car repair services because we can handle:

Auto care work

Electrical repairs

Heater core replacements

Head gasket replacements


Engine/transmission rebuilds

AC services

Engine swaps

Auto Care

We'll run diagnostics on your vehicle in Riverside, CA.

Auto Care


Trust our team to check every aspect of your electrical system.


AC Service

Let us fix your AC when your car starts blowing hot air.

AC Service

Transmission/Engine Rebuilds

Update your old engine instead of installing a new one.

Transmission/Engine Rebuilds

We're committed to performing high-quality services

Whether you need a simple tuneup or an engine rebuild, our team will handle the job correctly the first time. You don't have to worry about leaving our shop and having to return three days later with the same problem you originally had. We hire skilled mechanics who understand the importance of keeping you safe in your car. Call 951-405-8575 today to learn more about our services.