Feel Confident Your Wires Aren't Crossed

Feel Confident Your Wires Aren't Crossed

We make maintaining your electrical system simple

Most mechanic shops don't look at your electrical system when you bring in your car for a tuneup or oil change. At Car Whisperers, we do things differently. We'll take a close look at every single part of your vehicle. We want to make sure all your systems are working correctly so you can stay safe on the road.

Trust us to diagnose any electrical issues you may be experiencing. Contact our shop in Riverside, CA to schedule an electrical appointment.

Is your electrical system functioning correctly?

Electrical problems are hard to diagnose, but our skilled mechanics can help you get to the heart of the issue. If your car...

Batteries can't hold a charge, even though it's brand-new

Exterior or interior lights don't work, and you're not sure why

Doesn't start, even though your battery is charged

...stop by our shop today. We'll diagnose and resolve your electrical system issues right away.