You Need Professionals for an Engine Rebuild

You Need Professionals for an Engine Rebuild

Count on our team to handle yours correctly

Rebuilding an engine is a time-consuming and detailed project. Keeping track of all the small parts, belts and bolts can be taxing. Instead of trying to rebuild your engine in your garage, bring your car to Car Whisperers. We'll take apart your engine successfully and inspect every part for damage.

Every engine breaks down over time because of wear and tear. By assessing every seal and belt as we take the engine apart, we can replace the parts that are on their last legs before they cause major issues. Trust us when it's time for a transmission rebuild. Contact our shop today to speak with a mechanic about your vehicle.

How to tell when it's time for an engine rebuild

Your car gives you signs when something is breaking or already broken. Although these can point to minor issues, like a cracked spark plug or disintegrated seal, there are larger signs to look out for as your engine gets older. If you notice...

Excessive white smoke from your exhaust

Knocking or chattering from the engine bearings

Metal shavings in the engine oil

Excessive oil consumption

...visit our shop. We'll schedule an engine rebuild ASAP. Call 951-405-8575 now to consult with a team member about your transmission.